Workshop Descriptions


Getting the Most From Your Board: Leadership, Fundraising, and Oversight
Lisa Zellmer, Senior Consultant with Aurora Consulting

It is a rare day that we think the board is engaged enough in fundraising for the organization! We will examine strategies to assist your board in fundraising, clarify their oversight role, and help them strategically lead your organization. Participants will have the opportunity to explore what options will best fit their organization and share their promising practices with each other.

Strategic Planning

Strategy for The Times: Aligning Mission, Capabilities and Capacity to Achieve Impact
Gordon Goodwin, Senior Strategy Consultant at MAP for Nonprofits

Effective strategy reflects a set of informed choices that organizations make about when and how they will use their core capabilities, programs, partnerships and staff expertise to advance their missions.  But how do you do that?

In this session, Gordon Goodwin, Senior Strategy Consultant at MAP for Nonprofits, will:

  • provide perspective on important elements in developing your organization’s strategy;
  • discuss different approaches and when/why you might choose one; and,
  • steer you to tools for getting started.

Partnerships & Alliances

What to Consider When Considering Partnerships and Alliances
Judy Alnes, Executive Director at MAP for Nonprofits

An increasing number of nonprofit leaders are exploring opportunities to align their nonprofit organizations with others to achieve greater impact, improve the quality or reach of programs, create economies of scale, preserve important programs, and to strengthen financial performance and sustainability. Is this approach right for you?  In this session, Judy Alnes, Executive Director at MAP for Nonprofits, will share a range of partnership options along with examples.  In addition, she will point you to online tools and other resources so you can continue learning and exploring after the session.