These funds enable local 501c3 nonprofit organizations partner with the Community Foundation and benefit from our investment expertise by maintaining a fund with us.

Establishing an endowment fund at the Community Foundation helps nonprofit organizations stabilize and secure the future of their services. A nonprofit’s endowment provides financial benefits for the organization, such as support of the services they deliver, subsidy of its annual operations and long term stability.

The Community Foundation of Dunn County is home to 5 different charitable endowments. When a nonprofit organization houses their endowment with The Foundation, they receive value-added services. The Foundation provides investment management, audit and other related services for these funds. We also work with agency boards and staff to help them develop the policies and skills needed to attract planned gifts from their supporters and friends.

List of Funds

  • Indianhead Enterprises Designated Endowment Fund
  • United Way of Dunn County Fund (Dunn County’s Emergency Disaster Fund)
  • Menomonie Public Library Foundation Endowment Fund
  • St. Joseph’s School Endowment Fund
  • St. Joseph’s Parish Endowment Fund
  • Stepping Stones Endowment Fund
  • Wilson Place Endowment Fund



Give Now or Give Later

We know you care about the charities and Churches that impact our daily life. Support them in their mission of creating a reliable income stream through the power of endowment. Every penny counts.





Consider naming one of these funds as a beneficiary of your estate. You can be assured that your charitable wished can be fulfilled by meeting with Foundation staff to discuss your planned gift. Learn More