Acoustic Bat Monitoring Program

This past spring, the Red Cedar Basin Monitoring Group requested funds for an acoustic monitoring kit to collect data pertaining to the local bat population in Dunn County. The grant covered the kit itself along with proper cables, car mounts, power supply, and GPS. This equipment was used this past July to record bat acoustics along the Tainter Lake shores and a 48 mile stretch of road between Du...
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“Birds, Bugs and Blooms Bash” Grant

By: Laura Giammattei Included in our Spring 2015 grant cycle, the Foundation assisted the Gaylord Nelson Audubon Society in funding "The Birds, Bugs and Blooms Bash" weekend festival which occurred in June this year. This nature festival's goal is to provide education to community members on wildlife and conservation issues within the Chippewa Valley. Seventy-eight individuals participated in t...
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Colfax Municipal Building Restoration Group

Colfax Municipal Building
By: Laura Giammattei This year, as the Community Foundation of Dunn County celebrates its 20th year of service, the Colfax Municipal Building is celebrating its 100th year of existence. The Foundation assisted the Colfax Municipal Building Restoration Group in 2010 with a grant to repaint and re floor the auditorium and rewire the electrical, as part of the building was still connected with the...
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