Community Foundation of Dunn County Seeking MAPS Advisory Committee

The Community Foundation of Dunn County (CFDC) is looking for volunteers interested in taking an active role in their community by being part of an advisory committee that can help direct the actions of the Menomonie Area Public Schools (MAPS) family of funds at the Foundation. The original independent volunteer group, known to the community as the Menomonie Public Schools Foundation disbanded in 2012. The money they raised – over $300,000 – was transferred to CFDC and since then, the Foundation has grown it to over half a million dollars all dedicated to the Menomonie School District. CFDC now holds scholarship funds, school endowments and teacher Mini-Grant funds for Menomonie.

Through the creation of a MAPS Advisory Committee, the Foundation would like to empower community members the funds matter most to: alumni of the school, current parents of children, and current or retired administrators and teachers.

As a MAPS Advisory Committee Member you will:

  • Hold at least quarterly meetings
  • Keep the public informed and involved in MAPS
  • Assist on Scholarship Award Nights
  • Organize and oversee activities and events to raise money for MAPS
  • Advise the Foundation Board on needs in the schools
  • Make recommendations to CFDC to further the goals of MAPS Funds
  • Review the investments and donations to the MAPS Funds
  • Submit an annual report to the Menomonie community

Just like the MAPS Foundation volunteers, the new MAPS Advisory Committee is expected to have subgroups for things like Public Relations, Fundraising, Setting Endowment Goals for each school and planning larger goals for MAPS, etc. This Advisory Committee would likely continue to meet on a quarterly basis to make recommendations to CFDC to further the goals of MAPS.

If you are interested in being a positive influence in your community and supporter of the School District of the Menomonie Area by being a part of MAPS, please contact Georgina Tegart at 715-232-8019 or