Eric Goers was a 2011 graduate of Menomonie High School and had completed one year of a civil engineering program at Michigan Technological University. He was set to begin his sophomore year there with a focus on railroad transportation. Eric was a loving, caring and dependable person. His loves were football, swimming, music and trains. His future was bright and this memorial scholarship is intended to help other highly motivated and like-minded students achieve their dreams. As part of the application, students are required to write an essay around Eric’s favorite Quote by Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

This scholarship shall be awarded to a graduating senior with a minimum GPA of 3.0 going into a 4 year program in the field of engineering. Preference will be given to those who have a record of community service, including volunteer service at school, church, or community groups and organizations.

Projected Number of Scholarships and Amounts: The amount of the scholarship shall be $750 annually.

Recommended Criteria of Eligibility:

  • Applicants must be seniors at Menomonie High School with a minimum GPA of 3.0.
  • Applicants must be applying to an accredited four-year college or university and pursuing a degree in engineering
  • Applicants must submit a one page type written essay on the topic of one of Eric’s favorite quotes: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world,” by Mahatma Gandhi.  It should answer the question: How will you “be the change” you wish to see in the world?
  • The applicant should also outline his/her involvement in the community including volunteer services at school, church, community groups and organizations.
  • At least one letter of recommendation from a faculty member or employer must accompany the application
  • This scholarship is non-renewable






2014 Recipient
Lucas Stanley

“I will be attending the University of North Dakota where I plan to major in mechanical engineering”