Through our donors, The Community Foundation of Dunn County has created a permanent endowment for the area. Your legacy can begin here. You can create a Donor Advised Fund with a gift $10,000 or more. An alternative approach is to build a permanent fund over time, starting with at least a $2,000 contribution we call these Acorn Funds.

With a donor advised fund, you can actively participate in grantmaking to nonprofit organizations right here at home or throughout the country. You can also name successor advisers, such as your children, to carry on your family’s legacy. An attractive alternative to the creation of a private foundation, a donor-advised fund receives a 100 percent tax deduction for your original and any future gifts. You may suggest deserving charities to benefit from fund income. Grants are then made, in the name of the fund, to your favored charities.

We offer both Corporate Advised and Donor-Advised Funds for when you and your family (or your business or corporation) want to be fully involved. You recommend the grants; the community foundation does all the paperwork, in your name. Plus, you can take advantage of our knowledge of local issues, if and when you want it.

List of Funds

  • Polasky Donor Advised Fund
  • Larson Family Fund
  • The MASA Fund
  • The Menomonie Lions Club Fund
  • Mickelson Family Fund
  • The Micah Fund
  • The Porter Fund