Our Community Impact Funds address a broad range of key challenges. The Community Foundation envisions a Dunn County where all residents enjoy a healthy, rewarding life. Funding for these key areas comes from unrestricted and field-of-interest funds. The community foundation’s staff, Grants Committee, and board seek out the best proposals, the most needed projects and the most qualified nonprofits to offer them through an annual competitive grant cycle.

The Community Impact Funds are, in effect, a savings account, protecting and serving the needs of our county.

Philanthropy Works

Due to community support, the following two funds are actively making grants to our community. In the first three month of 2014 we have given out over $40,000 in grants from these two funds:

2048px-LaughingThe Common Good Fund

The Clarence Heckel Fund

The Betty Gesche Fund

These funds provides our board of trustees with the flexibility it needs to address Dunn County’s most significant social, cultural, educational and environmental needs; respond quickly to emergencies; and facilitate innovative responses to community challenges.


file000346276799 (2)HEALTHY FUTURES FUND
The Healthy Futures Fund is the Community Foundation’s major source for competitive grants in the health field. Its objectives are to improve the health and well-being of Dunn County Residents by supporting direct health care needs, health education, increasing awareness and sharing quality of life opportunities to benefit all citizens. It also seeks non-traditional partnerships and collaborations; and innovative programs that have countywide impact and are replicable in other communities.


Philanthropy does indeed matter

These funds are in development. They need to reach their endowment goals of $25,000 before they can begin to grant out. Please help us reach our goal if you are inspired by the objectives of one of these funds.

JazzBistro6Fund for the Arts

The arts keep us connected to our community and to each other. They infuse creativity into our lives and inspire us to act. They bring us together and then leave us seeing our world in a new light. This Fund seeks to support the vigor of the arts and cultural sector and expand access to arts, music and cultural opportunities in Dunn County.


file0001104767429Healthy Youth, Healthy Seniors Fund

This Fund makes grants to support programs that help meet the basic human needs for the most vulnerable in our community (food, clothing, shelter and care), This fund also seeks to provide enrichment opportunities to better the lives of the youth and seniors living in Dunn County. Youth are defined as birth – 18 and seniors as age 65+


Business TalksCommunity Improvement Fund

Community Improvement Fund provides resources for neighborhood revitalization projects and other programs to help the Dunn County area develop and sustain a rich and dynamic local economy. Its goal is to provide resources that promote small businesses and entrepreneurship, as well as educational opportunities that advance this goal


Bike TrailOpen Spaces Fund

Communities work best when they are sustainable, livable & vibrant. Parks, bike and walking trails and open spaces are key ingredients of great communities. This Fund was established to support public green space which in turn promotes social cohesion, reduces crime, attracts businesses, promotes healthy and active lifestyles, and helps build stronger communities.

This is Your Community

We know you care: about education, your neighbors, the environment. We do, too. Together, we can make a difference.

For donors, we work with you to find the best way to support the causes you care about: by creating your own named charitable fund or by donating to a pooled fund. Learn about the different fund options we have available, from Donor Advised Funds which offer you flexibility to focus on your distinctive charitable goals, to Field of Interest Funds where you can entrust the Foundation with the selection of the most needed programs to receive grant funding based on a competitive process.

In addition learn about giving now vs giving later. You can be assured that your charitable wished can be fulfilled by meeting with Foundation staff to discuss your planned gift.

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