Our Next 20 Years Look Bright

The people of Dunn County have always had a deep sense of history.  They take great pride in their communities, churches, schools, families, environment and their heritage.  One of the important cornerstones for the people of Dunn County has been their generous hearts and hope for the future.  Twenty  years ago, the hope of preserving the best of the past, yet looking ahead to the future unfolded with the creation of the Community Foundation of Dunn County.

Since that time and through the generous support of the people of Dunn County, the Foundation’s assets have grown to over five million dollars and over three million dollars has been given back to important causes of Dunn County.  The Community Foundation has enriched the lives of countless citizens in our area and has simply made it a better place to live.

As we look forward, the Foundation will continue to play an ever increasing role in the lives of the people of Dunn County.  But let us not forget our humble beginnings and all those people who made the foundation what it is today.

Each day let us…

  • Honor the great works of the past
  • Celebrate each victory of today, and…
  • Hope that tomorrow will be even better.

Thank you for all your past support and encouragement.  We look forward to another exciting year for the Community foundation of Dunn County