The Community Foundation of Dunn County is people. Each donor who has given today or twenty years ago, each board member, each staff member, each person who is served—we are linked at the heart by our shared vision of a better life.

You live, work and play in Dunn County and we know that you share this vision. We count on your support – now more than ever with your annual gift. Thanks to you, our Foundation has touched the lives of thousands, including:

  • A diaper bank at Bridge to Hope so that women fleeing abuse don’t have to choose between diapers and food.
  • The addition of three bedrooms to a transitional housing unit for homeless veterans that doubles their capacity
  • Lifesaving medical supplies for people with type 1 diabetes

The Community Foundation of Dunn County is your community foundation. We exist to serve you and all the things that you love about Dunn County.  Enclosed you will find 20 ways Dunn County has changed for the better in 2016 because of people like you who partner with the Community Foundation.