In 1988 at the 30th reunion of the Class of 1958, Capt. James Harvey, USN, presented the idea for a scholarship foundation. With the involvement and guidance of several past graduates as well as friends of Boyceville High School, the Boyceville Education Scholarship Trust (BEST) became a tax exempt organization on December 23, 1992.

The Foundation functioned independently for the following 21 years, but has found administration and scholarship management  becoming ever more complex for a volunteer organization. After careful consideration, on January 12, 2013, the BEST board of directors made the decision to affiliate with the Community Foundation of Dunn County (CFDC). BEST now has the advantage of CFDC’s staff, professional fund management, as well as tax and legal resources that were not previously available.

An advisory committee for BEST is appointed by the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation. Members of the committee are from the Boyceville community, interested in the future success of its students.

Source of Funds

Funds are raised by solicitation and through sponsored fund raising activities. Contributions are encouraged from both Boyceville alumni, citizens, and businesses interested in promoting higher education among Boyceville graduates. BEST sets aside a portion of the funds in an endowment fund to help ensure the future of the program.  An individual, family or business may also establish their own personal fund as part of BEST and CFDC’s professional staff is available to provide assistance.

List of Current Scholarships

The application process is managed through the Boycveille High School guidance office.  Interested students should contact their guidance office directly to apply for the following scholarships currently available to Boyceville students:

BEST Academic Scholarship

Alan J. Carlson Memorial Scholarship

Peoples State Bank Scholarship

Lee Fruit Memorial Scholarship

Jared Schutz Memorial Scholarship

Janelle Clark Johnson Memorial Scholarship

William & Leona Amundson Memorial Scholarship

Past Scholarships

Janet L. Harvey Scholarship